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A story about design and innovation

How did PLACUSTIC start?

Started from the bottom now we're here

The story goes way back to 2002, when our CEO created ThePoloArt, a artistic company that designed paintings using materials such as gypsum, clay and all sorts of glazed ceramics.

Yes, you heard that right, paintings. However, they were cool paintings. Like really cool paintings. Because of that, the company started expanding, new markets opened up, and things started getting bigger. That's when we decided to work with wood, creating PLADEC.

PLADEC was a success from the ground-up. As a wall covering/surfacing business, the markets we worked on presented us with new opportunities in the design industry. We tripled in size, hired new wonderful team members, started working with new partners.

But you can't forget: we're an innovative company

So, we started thinking: how can we integrate new materials in our collection? That's when we created Ceramista and For-arte, two brands that work with ceramics and digital printing over flat surfaces.

Ultimately, our group was getting big, so we decided to simplify things and combine all materials in one place: the CreativeARQ group.

The plot thickens

After establishing CreativeARQ as a sign of our innovation and expansion, we thought: how can we go further? And better?

As ideas came to mind, a concept mixing functionality and design was obvious. That's when PLACUSTIC first appeared, as a product that mixes utility, design, and modern trends for decorative and architectural purposes.

Through hard work and coordination between graphic designers and acoustic engineers, we created a collection of panels for application on walls. Then, ceilings.

We don't know where we'll stop.

PS: Thank you.

PLACUSTIC appreciates your attention and questions.
Our goal is to work in innovative, trendsetting projects, creating a new paradigm about designing for acoustics.
We can't achieve this without working with people with vision and a keen interest in design. If you're on our website then you're one of those people.
We hope to see you soon!