How does sound work?

Small, simple lessons on what sound is, how it works and the ways it impacts our everyday life

Sound basics

Introduction - Why is sound important?

The impact of noise in our everyday life goes under the radar. Find out how small noises can build-up stress.

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1. What is sound?

You've heard about sound waves, but what exactly are they?.

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2. How does sound behave in a room?

What do sound waves do when they hit a surface?

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3. What are echoes and reverberations?

When you scream into a mountain, sometimes it talks back. Why do they do that?

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4. How do you control sound?

What can you do to address sound problems in a room?

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5. How do you absorb sound?

What types of absorbers are there and why you should use them.

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Design guides

Designing a restaurant

A restaurant is a place where you should feel comfortable. It's kind of hard to do that when you're listening to the whole conversation of nearby tables.
In this article, we're exploring how to create a better interior environment that's inviting and relaxing.

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