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Why are acoustics important?

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BASIC Collection

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It takes 20 minutes to regain focus after being distracted

Office workers need to be focused.
Parents need to relax after a stressful day.
Students need to read without being distracted.
Silence needs to happen at all times without effort.

We know focus

Open-space office workers are 15% less productive and have immense trouble concentrating in open working spaces.

Fortunately, there's a solution

Why is sound important?

GEO Collection

Sound absorbers for improved productivity and concentration.

We know comfort

The absence of noise is one of the most important aspects in designing a restaurant.

Designing a restaurant: tips and tricks

BASIC PLUS Collection

Sound absorbing panels for reducing overall noise.

We know happiness

Noisy offices increase stress, blood pressure levels and fatigue. These aspects are detrimental, not only for productivity, but also for employee's health.

How does noise affect workers?

BASIC PLUS Collection

Sound absorbing panels for reduced noise and distractions.

Acoustic clouds

Individual sound absorbing pieces

Acoustic panels

Panels for acoustic absorption

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Curious about acoustics?
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How does sound behave in a room?

DUO Collection

Sound absorbing panels in every color.

The DUO Collection

DUO Collection

Absorbing panels in every color

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